The world

is my reality

Things in our world often turn out in ways that no one could have ever possibly imagined…
Every time something astonishes me, I think:
“Wow! La realtà supera la fantasia!”
(Reality really does surpass fiction!)

The concept behind my art is simple

I paint what I see, exactly as I see it

There is no need to look further in order to find magic; the people around us are the real deal!
My works aim to capture the energy of others in order to create an everlasting memory of that moment in time.

Realistic portraits look back at you, this is why I love them!

The experience that drew my path

My artistic journey started in 2021

It was during a very difficult time in my life that I woke up one day and knew I needed a fresh start: something new, something that I could claim as mine. Before I knew it, that urge became a portrait, then another, and then another! After two years, I still don’t have an answer to the question of how I became an artist. But is there even any need for one?

When I work on a portrait, I am transported to a happy place. My mission is to transform that place into lifelike art pieces which will make others feel just as happy!

My works

I create my portraits using photographic references.

A static image allows me to capture facial expressions with great precision and accurately reproduce the context within which the photo was taken.

Yes, I love to paint surroundings as they are. Why is that? Because a space truly relates to a specific moment in time